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About the project
Ninja Products is the second project of Ivan Burtsev, the founder of Watusi Studio fitness studio. Namely at the studio, while working with people to strengthen their muscles of the vertebral column and joints, the idea come to him to create a project which will let people continue getting charges and movements natural for their body beyond the studio.

It has become straightway clear that Ninja Products must be not simply useful and effective but also intuitively understandable, beautiful and meant for the interior. A man must want to see them in his house or office, want to integrate with them. Namely for this reason we use premium materials, obtain ideal form of our products and guarantee unimpeachable quality.

At that each Ninja Products' product is originally a mathematically exact solution of a concrete biomechanical task the way no one in the world did it before. And only having obtained the absolute fulfillment of the goal set, we embody one or another product in a unique designer using only natural materials – we believe that the natural and sane environment for the man should not be reached by means of the artificial materials poisoning the Earth.

Ninja products are made by artisans. They put heart and soul in each item produced and are rewarded for their hard work with the fair wage. It was very important for us to create and save the process from the idea to the embodiment in the circle of like-minders, where everyone does his work responsibly and with pleasure.

As a result, every Ninja Product is of the utmost quality adding to the aesthetics of your home, and at the same time giving your home a natural load and movement, helping to maintain its strength and beauty.